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Open Practices & Tryouts

Open practices will begin next week, and take place during the month of June.

Tryouts will take place on July 1st or 2nd, depending on the coaches preference.

Existing teams are training one time per week.

New teams will train two times per week.

*Players attending training sessions with a new team
need to bring a ball.

New Teams
05’ boys Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7 @Rider (Marcelo Campolina)

06’/07’ boys Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:30 @Rider (Marcelo Campolina)
08’ girls Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30-7 @WFHS (Jose Lugo)

Existing Teams 
01’ girls on Monday 7-8:30 @Rider (Marcelo Campolina) 
03’ girls on Thursday 7-8:30 @Rider (Kirk Redding)

05’ girls on Monday 5:30-7 @Rider (Marcelo Campolina)
06’ girls on Thursday 5:30-7 @Rider (Cameron Castro)
09’ girls Tuesday 5:30-7 @Rider (Jose Martinez)

08’ boys Tuesday 5:30-7 @Rider (Jose Martinez)

Rider High School - 4611 Cypress, Wichita Falls, TX 76310

Wichita Falls High School - 2149 Avenue H, Wichita Falls, TX 76309

*Parents will need to sign liability waiver prior to participating. They will be available at the open practices.

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