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“I let all youth teams play the same way, like the first team. I always put the emphasis on learning. Sometimes I had the suspicion that youth coaches were more concerned with winning. They cared about their own reputation. Me, I cared only about the interest of the club. When a player with talent couldn’t defend, I put him in defense so he could learn, but that could cost a point? I didn’t care, I was busy developing the player.” – Johan Cruyff.

My belief as a coach of developing a player at the youth level and a

philosophy I stand behind.  

I have coached with FC Dallas Texoma, at the Academy Level, since the beginning, in 2016.

I have played locally at the youth age and with various club teams such as Wichita Falls Futbol Club.

I am a graduate of Midwestern State University, where I played for 4 years.

I am the coach for the 08 boys and 09 academy girls teams, and enjoy

helping coach my son's soccer team.